Prince George’s Park Residences (PGPR) is located Prince George’s Park Road, off South Buona Vista road, and next to King Edward VII Hall. This new residential complex offers 2854 single rooms.

The single rooms are grouped into clusters of 15 and offer its residents an apartment lifestyle. The 15 residents in each cluster are entrusted with collective responsibility for their shared facilities. Each cluster has its own kitchen, dining area, and bathroom facilities. The cluster lifestyle exposes students to independent living and also offers excellent opportunities for close interaction. 10% of the single rooms (Type A) are air-conditioned, with attached bathrooms, 20% of these are Type B, (single room with washbasin), and remaining 70% are standard Type C rooms.

Points for personal telephone, television and computer linkage to the university’s network and the Internet, are provided in every room.

PGPR also houses a lecture theatre, seminar rooms, a multi-purpose hall, gymnasium, basketball and tennis courts, a jogging track, an exercise station, mini-supermarket, four food outlets and other service outlets. Distributed throughout the whole residence, are air-conditioned lounges, television rooms, meetings and reading rooms. PGPR is conveniently linked to the Faculties and other key facilities on campus via a shuttle service.