The National Civil Defence Cadet Corps (NCDCC) of Singapore was formed in 2005 and is currently the newest recognized member of the National Uniformed Group. The creation of this Uniformed Group was initiated by the Ministry of Home Affairs in response to the need for the young leaders of tomorrow to have a firm pillar and grounding in Singapore's firm belief of Total Defence.


NCDCC was introduced in 12 secondary schools starting from January 2005. For the pilot phase, 38 cadets completed the very first NCO Course while 22 teachers were commissioned as the pioneer batch of NCDCC officers after their completion of the first Officer Basic Course. On the 23rd of December 2005, 22 cadets attended the conversion course and became the pioneer batch of Cadet Lieutenants or CLTs for short.Template:Citation needed

Civil Defence is one of the five pillars of Total Defence; it refers to the protection of the Singapore people by the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF). NCDCC is a component of the Home Team Cadet Corps Initiative.

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Rank structures are implemented in all Uniform Groups with the common ambition of motivating the cadets and encouraging them to be on a constant roll and quest for trying out new things. Promotion is based on merit alone.

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Upon confirmation, all cadets start off as a Cadet. Thereafter they rise up the rank ladder in the order of Lance Corporal which is denoted by one chevron, Corporal which is denoted by two chevrons and Sergeant which is denoted by three chevrons. This is the highest rank a cadet can achieve while in school. However certain NCOs (Non-Commissioned Officers) will be promoted to the rank of Staff Sergeant denoted by Singapore's National Arms and three chevrons after going through a course. Two cadets from each school unit will be promoted to the rank of warrant officer which is denoted by Singapore's National Arms encased in a Laurel and an inverted Chevron.

As part of the rank, the letters NCDCC are embroidered which forms part of the Corps Insignia.


Newly enrolled Secondary One students from schools with an NCDCC unit set up, regardless of their race, religion, gender and academic ability, can choose to become members of the corps. While units are allowed to enroll students using methods to their discretion, this must be done so in consultation with their respective schools and if the need arises with the Corps' Headquarter. Units would also need to submit a nominal roll to the Corps' Headquarter for monitoring purposes. While there are no restrictions regarding membership for Singapore Citizens and Permanent Residents, foreign students membership will have to be approved by the relevant ministry. Members are expected to be part of the corps throughout their four or five years of their secondary school education. However, members may be discharge from the corps based on valid reasons,

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