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ITE College East (ITE CE-SM) is a division of the Institute of Technical Education. The campus is the 1st ITE campus and under ITE's "One ITE System, 3 Colleges" plan in Singapore. It is located in the eastern part of Singapore in the estate of Simei. ITE College East covers Nursing, the Life Sciences and Logistics Management.

ITE College East(Simei) opened its gates on August 2004 and started its operations on January the following year.

History Edit

Before the college system was implemented, the ‎campus was to be named "ITE Regional ‎Campus Simei" due to the campus' size and projected ‎intake as oppose to the other 10 smaller ITE ‎campuses. In 2004, while the campus was still under ‎construction, it was renamed to ITE College East (Simei) under ‎the new college system. Still, some signboards in the campus still show the "ITE Regional Campus Simei" name.‎

The campus was built in 80 weeks at a cost of S$184.6 million.

Schools and courses Edit

The college has four schools:

  • School of Applied and Health Sciences,
  • School of Engineering,
  • School of Info-Comm Technology,
  • School of Business and Services.

The four schools offer the following courses:

School Of Business and Services

  • Higher Nitec in Accounting
  • Higher Nitec in Business Studies (Sport Management)
  • Higher Nitec in Integrated Logistics Management
  • Higher Nitec in Business Information Systems
  • Nitec in Beauty Therapy
  • Nitec in Fitness Training
  • Nitec in Hair Services (Hair & Scalp Therapy)
  • Nitec in Hair Services (Fashion and Design)
  • Nitec in Service Skills (Office)
  • Nitec in Service Skills (Retail)

School Of Engineering

  • Higher Nitec in Electrical Engineering
  • Higher Nitec in Mechanical Engineering
  • Nitec in Facility Technology (Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration)
  • Nitec in Facility Technology (Mechanical and Electrical Services)
  • Nitec in Facility Technology (Landscaping Services)
  • Nitec in Facility Technology (Vertical Transportation)
  • Nitec in Electrical Technology (Lighting and Sound)
  • Nitec in Electrical Technology (Power and Control)
  • Nitec in Mechanical Technology

School of Electronics and Info-Comm Technology

  • Higher Nitec in Information Technology
  • Higher Nitec in Wireless Technology
  • Higher Nitec in Network Security Technology
  • Higher Nitec in Electronics Engineering
  • Nitec in Multimedia Technology
  • Nitec in Info-Communications Technology
  • Nitec in Electronics (Computer and Networking)
  • Nitec in Electronics (Wireless LAN)

School Of Applied and Health Sciences

  • Higher Nitec in Biotechnology
  • Higher Nitec in Chemical Technology
  • Higher Nitec in Paramedic and Emergency Care and Nitec in Nursing (Dual Certification Course)
  • Nitec in Applied Food Science
  • Nitec in Chemical Process Technology (Petrochemicals)
  • Nitec in Chemical Process Technology (Pharmaceuticals)
  • Nitec in Chemical Process Technology (Process Instrumentation)
  • Nitec in Nursing
  • Nitec in Community Care and Social Services
  • Nitec in Opticianry

Campus Edit

The campus covers 10.7 hectares and was built in 2005. The building's walls are decorated with rectangular metal panels to match the surrounding Singapore Expo and Changi General Hospital. The architectural concept of the campus is a circular-shaped stool-like forum followed by three six-story curved buildings surrounding the central forum.

Campus facilities include:

  • 60 lecture rooms
  • 36 IT training rooms
  • 10 Lifeskill Studios
  • Seven lecture theatres
  • 150 Training Laboratories and Workshops
  • Three cafeterias
  • 1000 seater auditorium
  • Multimedia Learning Centre
  • Communications Skills Learning Center
  • National Education Center
  • Technopreneurship Incubation Centre
  • Student Enterprise Education and Development Center
  • Learning Recourse Centre
  • Commercial Outlets for Real Work
  • Centres of Technology
  • Academy for Best Learning in Education
  • Experience ITE Centre
  • Industrial Collaboration Labs
  • Function hall
  • Retail outlets

Sports and recreational facilities

  • Indoor sports hall
  • Gymnasium
  • Stadium/running track
  • One indoor, two outdoor Basketball Courts
  • Centre for Music and the Arts
  • CCA and Student Activity Centre
  • Staff Recreational Centre
  • Alumni clubhouse
  • Olympic size swimming pool
  • High Elements Obstacle
  • Rock climbing wall
  • Street Soccer/Basketball/Tennis Courts

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