Bedok Green Secondary School
Believe and Grow
360 Bedok North Avenue 3, 469722
Bedok, Singapore
School type Government
Established 4 July 2003
Opened 2 January 2001
Session Single
School code 3069
Principal Mdm Tay Siok Hwa
Vice principal Mrs Loong-Lim Tze Mien
Staff 75
Gender Mixed
Age range 12-18
Medium of language English
Newspaper The Green Link

Bedok Green Secondary School (abbreviation: BGSS) is a co-educational neighbourhood government secondary school at 360 Bedok North Avenue 3, Singapore. Founded in January 2001, it was housed on the premises of the former Temasek Secondary School at 2 Bedok South Road and moved to its current location on 31 December 2002.

The first principal was Mrs Song Geok Hwa. The second and present principal is Mdm Tay Siok Hwa.

The number of staff in the school has increased from 14 at the school's first opening to 75 in 2009, while pupil enrolment had reached over 1,400 by the beginning of 2009.[1]

School FacilitiesEdit

BGSS was officially opened on 4 July 2003 by the then Minister of State, Mr Raymond Lim.[1] Its campus consists of six blocks around a garden, a multi-purpose hall, seven computer labs, a shooting range, several science labs, two design and technology workshops, a canteen, a library, a dance studio, some 40 classrooms, and a Pupil Activity Centre (PAC).[2] There is a parade square, where students gather every morning for a compulsory flag-raising ceremony.


Bedok Green Secondary School caters for students who are enrolled in the Normal (Technical), Normal (Academic) and Express streams. Students studying the Express stream syllabus will eventually sit for their GCE 'O' Level examination after four years. Those studying the Normal (Academic)/Normal (Technical) syllabus will also sit for their GCE 'N' level examination after four years.

Identity and EthosEdit


The BGSS school logo depicts a bamboo plant inside a diamond.


The diamond represents its pupils, who start off as rough stones and are polished by the school to finally become precious jewels.


The bamboo represents the qualities the school stands by:

  • Continuous Growth
  • Humility
  • Hardiness and Resilience in the Face of Adversity
  • Uprightness and Integrity
  • Strength in Unity
  • "Gentlemen" qualities


The School's Mission: "To provide a nurturing environment where students are imbued with sound values, a passion for learning and confidence to face future challenges."


The School's Vision: "A School of Choice and A Community of Life-Long Learners"



We are undeterred by failure or setbacks. Instead we have the strength and tenacity to persevere and pursue our goals.


We demonstrate honesty and uprightness through word and deed.


We feel for and show care and concern for one another.


We take pride in our strengths while being modest in our behaviour and attitude.

School SongEdit

Grow in strength and unity,</br> Bending with humility and grace</br> Like new diamonds honed to blaze,</br> We believe and strive and praise</br> As knowledge we embrace</br> </br> Bedok Green Secondary</br> Our School of Choice,</br> Nurtures us to believe</br> In our abilities and grow,</br> Through life long learning</br> We shall always be prepared</br> To face the challenges, challenges of tomorrow.</br> </br> Loyal and upright citizens</br> Living in ny,</br> Serving nation, school and kin,</br> So determined we shall win,</br> Our school shows us the key.</br> </br> Bedok Green Secondary</br> Our School of Choice,</br> Nurtures us to believe</br> In our abilities and grow,</br> Through life long learning</br> We shall always be prepared</br> To face the challenges, challenges of tomorrow.</br>


School achievementsEdit


  • SYF Central Judging 2009 Modern Dance (Gold)
  • SYF Central Judging 2009 Choir (Silver)
  • SYF Central Judging 2009 Concert Band (Silver)
  • SYF Central Judging 2009 Guzheng (Silver)
  • SYF Central Judging 2009 Malay Dance (Silver)
  • Brilliante III Public Performance (2010)


  • Dragon Boat Competition 2009 – 2 Silvers, 1 Bronze
  • National Inter-School Wushu Championships 2009 – 3 Silver (Girls Individual)
  • Temasek Regatta Dragonboat Competition 2008 - 2nd place
  • National Schools Dragonboat Championships 2008 ‘C’ Div (Girls)- 3rd, B Div (Girls) – 2nd

Uniformed groupsEdit

  • NCC Best Unit Competition 2008 – Silver
  • NPCC Best Unit Competition 2008 – Bronze
  • SJAB Corps Achievement Award 2009 – Silver

Clubs and SocietiesEdit

  • Youth Flying Club (2007) – School Colours Award
  • National Stamp Collection (2007, 2008) – Gold

School awardsEdit

  • Academic Value Added Award (Special/Express) 2009
  • Academic Value Added Award (Normal) 2009
  • Sustained Achievement Award (Aesthetics) 2009
  • Singapore Kindness Cheer Competition 2009 – Silver
  • Green Audit 2009 – Lotus Award
  • Recycling Outreach Award 2009 (Sustained)
  • Model Tuckshop Award (2009)
  • NE Development Award (2006 to 2008)
  • Green Audit 2008 – Orchid Award
  • Singapore Kindness Cheer Competition 2008 – Gold
  • Recycling Outreach Award 2008(Sustained)
  • Short Film Clip Competition 2008 – Consolation Prize
  • Toy Design Competition Merit Award (2008)


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